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Gardens/The Desert Blooms 1993-1995

paintings, works on paper

The Desert Blooms I (dingo) The Desert Blooms II (lamb) Garden of the Rolling Horse I Garden at Night Garden of Drifting Thought Garden of Drifting Thought, detail

The Desert Blooms The Desert Blooms (detail 1) The Desert Blooms (detail 2) Valley
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Desert Blooms (dingo), Desert Blooms (lamb), Garden of the Rolling Horse I, Garden at Night, Garden of Drifting Thought, Desert Blooms, Valley

Micky Allan's paintings are full of light. Not only because her use of luminescent paint makes them shine in hues that change with your point of view, but because of their unusual beauty. The colours are clear, the skies boundless. Harmony arises out of objects put together with little attention to laws of perspective and gravity. Some works are so full of detail they endlessly unfold into something new, others are simple but very powerful. All radiate a peace and stillness which goes beyond this material world but at the same time can be found here in the everyday if you look.
Steenus von Steensen with Micky Allan
Speaking of the spirit, A survey curated by Stephanie Britton, Artlink, Vol 18, No. 1, March 1998