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Handcolouring, which Allan more or less pioneered in the 1970s, was seen then as being a feminist strategy that subverted the dominant pure print fetish of mainstream art photography and also, by extension, the one-dimensional realities with which photo-naturalism colluded.
Gael Newton
The Movement of Women, Art and Australia, Vol. 33, No 1, Spring 1995

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Desert Dies, Desert Blooms 2011 Botany Bay 2010 Making it New, MCA, 2009 Fall of Night, 2008 Babies, 1976 Citizens/People of Elizabeth, 1982-1983 Prime of Life, 1979 Old Age, 1978 The Family Room, 1982 CSR, 1978

Botany Bay Today, 1980 My Trip, 1976 Micky Allan Perspective 1975-1987 Travelogue, 1980 Landscapes 1979 Live-in Show, 1978 Yooralla at Twenty past Three, 1978 Performance, 1976 Cat and Mouse, 1982
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