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Recent Works 1986

paintings, works on paper

I am interested in the eye of the storm, not in sturm und drang
Micky Allan
Recent Works (exhibition catalogue), United Artists Gallery, Melbourne, 1986

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Untitled 1 Untitled 2 Untitled 3 Untitled 4 Untitled 5
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After opening up to history, European culture and memories of Japan in Travels without my Aunt, Recent works were anchored in Melbourne and St. Kilda where I returned from Paris to live. The diversity of Travels became reduced to a few large canvases and works on paper, all consistent sizes and all Untitled. Through imagery from the 'abysmal zone' (the lowest level of the sea) and diagrams of interstellar gases and black holes, I threw the sea into the sky and let far space touch ground, so merging various planes of space into a single field. I talked at the time of 'the unconscious living in the light of day', and note on reflection now the small skeleton in the belly of the whale (Untitled 4).

Micky Allan, 2008


Charles Green
The Art of Travel: Recent Australian Painting

Tension/18, October 1989